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USA Masters Rugby League National Team



The USA Masters Rugby League Team is run by the USA Masters Rugby League Steering Committee. To qualify for the PATRIOTS and represent the United States at a national level players must be 35 years or older. 

Full requirements can be found here.


USA Masters Rugby League will use Heritage numbering for our players.  Heritage numbers will be assigned  based on the date the player debuts for the Patriots. Heritage players will be listed here along with their number, date of debut, and opponent.  

USA Masters Players Association

The Association is open to all people who have gained a USA Heritage number, with the aims and objectives being to help promote the game of Masters throughout the USA by sending teams to play matches in new, or fledgling, areas of the country and spend social time together.

Membership of the Association is $10.00 annually which goes towards the annual USA Masters Rugby League donation to our nominated charity. Benefits of membership include a USAMPA lapel badge as well the opportunity to represent the Association in Masters matches.