Introducing the Patriots

US Masters Rugby League

Dec 17, 2020

USA Masters National Team Name Announced

The US Masters Rugby League Board of Directors is pleased to announce the USA Masters National Team name, the Patriots.

A Patriot is defined as a person’s feeling of love, devotion, and sense of attachment to a homeland and alliance with other citizens who share the same sentiment. This is exactly the feeling the Board wished to invoke when choosing the name. “We wanted a name that gives the players a sense of pride in the USA when they pull on the jersey, and Patriots is the perfect fit,” said US Masters Co-founder Danny Hanson.

The Patriots brand will be used when US Masters are invited to play other national teams either domestically or internationally.

Anyone who meets the requirements will be eligible for selection and selection will not necessarily be the most talented players. Selection criteria can be found at US Masters Co-founder Mike Brogan, who will coach the Patriots, said, “preference will also be given to players that promote the Spirit of Masters.”

As usual, kit supplier partner EV2 Sportswear came through with an amazing Patriots product line which can be found at Go check out the gear and show your Patriots pride!